Guest Fees

  • When a "guest" is playing with an adult member there will be a guest fee of £3.80 in addition to the normal cost of the Peak or Off-Peak court fee.
  • For guests of Junior members there will be a guest fee of £2.00 in addition to the £2.00 Junior court fee.
  • Guest Fees are not automatically deducted from your court booking system account, and must be paid for separately at the office or bar.
  • Guests are only permitted 3 times in 3 months at Peak times.

Squash Booking Rules

  • Members may book a court up to 13 days in advance
  • When booking 13 days in advance, the courts can only be booked from 7am.
  • Members are encouraged to show the opponent's name on the booking sheet.
  • When playing a "guest" - ie non-Club member or non-Squash Section member - "*** GUEST ***" must be selected as the opponent.
  • Off-Peak Members may only book courts for Off-Peak times (see below).
  • Juniors may only book Off-Peak courts.

Member Accounts & Top-up Vouchers

  • Booking on-line
    • Each member has an account within this booking system.
    • Members must have credit in order to reserve a court.
    • To credit their accounts, members purchase £20 top-up vouchers from the office or bar, and apply the top-up to their accounts by logging-in to this website or by using the on-site touch screen "kiosk" at the club.
    • Please note you will need to remember your PIN number to use the "kiosk" booking system at the club.
    • Click here if you have forgotten your username, password or PIN.
  • Booking in person
    • Members without on-line accounts can only book in person either at the Club office or at the Bar (when Office is closed).
    • All courts must be paid for at time of booking.
    • Court bookings by telephone will not be possible.

Squash Booking Fees

  • Adults (per 45 minutes)
    • Peak: £4.60 per 45 minutes
    • Peak with Guest £8.40
    • Off-Peak: £3.80 per 45 minutes
    • Off-Peak with Guest: £7.60
  • Juniors: (per 45 minutes Off-Peak only)
    • Juniors: £2.00
    • Juniors with Guest: £4.00
    • Juniors (11 or under) with adult member: £2.00
    • Juniors (11 plus) with adult member: £3.80. Important Note: The court should be booked by the adult member as a normal "adult rate" Off-Peak court.

Peak and Off-Peak Times

  • Peak time is Monday - Friday from 5pm onwards
  • All other times are Off-Peak

Late-Cancellations & Refunds

  • When unable to use a court, members should cancel the booking as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.
  • The booking fee is automatically refunded when the booking is cancelled at least 7 days prior.
  • When the booking is cancelled within 7 days prior, the booking fee is only refunded if the same court is re-booked.
  • For courts booked in person, through the Office or at the Bar, members will need to apply to the office or bar for their refunds.


  • Only Off-Peak courts may be booked by non-members. The booking fee is £9.20 per court.
  • Visitors must apply at the Club Office or bar to request a court booking.

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