Booking Rules

  • Members may book courts of the section (squash, badminton, tennis) that they belong to 13 days in advance from 6am. In other words, when booking to play 13 days in advance the new booking sheets only become available from 6am -- all other playing times within 13 days can be booked 24/7.
  • Full Adult Members may book courts of the section(s) they are not a member of between 9am - 5pm, Mondays to Fridays 6 days in advance via the on-line booking system.
  • Non-members and Social/Social Sport members may book courts up to 48 hours in advance Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. Bookings must be made via the Office/Bar in person or over the phone. If a booking is made over the phone, payment must be made in advance with a credit/debit card.
  • Silver members may book courts between 09:00 - 17:00 on Mondays - Sunday only via the on-line booking system.
  • All Junior members are considered Off-Peak members and may book between 9am and 5pm.
  • Booking a single 30-minute badminton or tennis time-slot is not allowed.
  • Members should select their playing partners / opponents' names to show on the booking sheets.
  • Booking Fees and Member Accounts
    • The default booking fees are displayed on the booking sheets, but may change after you login based on your membership category, and there may also be peak and off-peak variations.
    • Each Member has an account within the booking system and must have sufficient credit in order to book a court.
    • You can purchase credit (£20 minimum) with any credit/debit card when logged into this system.
    • Your transaction will be securely processed by Stripe.
    • Members can share booking fees by transfering credit to each other within the system.
      • On the day playing, each member will receive a Booking Reminder email message which, for the "playing partner(s) / opponent(s)", contains a link to share the cost of the booking fee paid by the member who booked the court.
      • Members can also use the facility to Transfer Credit any time when logged into the system.
  • Late-Cancellation Policy:
    • When unable to use a reserved court, members should cancel as soon as possible so that others may use the court.
    • The booking fee is automatically refunded as system credit when the booking is cancelled more than 72 hours prior.
    • 50% refund when cancelled between 72 and 24 hours prior to start time.
    • 25% refund when cancelled wihin 24 hours.
    • These late-cancellation charges are automatically refunded if the same court and start time is rebooked.
  • Guest Fees
    • Guests may only play 3 times in 3 calendar months. Members should encourage their guests to join the club.
    • If you're playing a Guest (non-member), then you must select appropriate Guest Fee as your playing partner to show on the booking sheets.
    • The system will automatically charge the guest fee to your booking system account by adding it to the booking fee already paid..
    • If you're no longer playing a Guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the Guest Fee will be removed.
    • This can be done when you book the court or any time before playing (but you cannot do this after your booking start time).
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